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KNEEL is not a band. Its a solo project by pEdRomAU.

End of story.
If you wish to know more, contact via facebook.


Dedicated to: Nuno Pina, Hélder Guerra, Rodney Pereira, Duarte Branquinho, Rui Duarte, Fernando Manso, José Alves e Eduardo Cunha.
É pa vocês caralho!


released June 29, 2013

Composed and Produced by Mau.
Drums, Guitars and Bass by Mau.
Vocals by special guest Filipe Correia.
Back vocals on thrall by Mau.
Back vocals on Sovereignty by Mau, Pedro Lopes and David Jerónimo.

Mixed and mastered by Mau and Daniel Cardoso.

All Lyrics by Filipe Correia and Mau.

Ghost Cover drawing by Hernan Marin.
Design by Mau @

home recorded @ CAC de Ponte de Sor [ 2011 - 2013 ].
Vocals recorded @ Malware Studios.



all rights reserved


KNEEL Portalegre District, Portugal

Kneel is a solo project by Portuguese drummer Pedro Mau which kicked off in 2011.
Containing elements of thrash, technical death, math metal and hardcore, Kneel's genre-defying compositions can be characterized by the use of dynamic guitar riffs, dissonant chords, aggressive paces, harsh and heavy vocals, loud and challenging song structures with no formulas, no lame choruses or catchy tunes. ... more

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Track Name: Murmurs
Greyscale rainbows
Among pale instants
Visual noises invade my sight
I reach the spiral axis
Weaving sanity's lost boundaries

I should speak about our dead hours
About those long forlorn moments
The light swells under my skin
Revealing malicious motifs within you

A sear from the pits of nil
Holds the scavenger of dreams
No desire on embracing a shadow
Cerebral impulses feeding the absurd

Embracing shadows... 

I’m just misplaced
Feasting on some Gods womb
In the absence of his spectre
All my dreams come true

One day I'll have the bravery
To pull myself out from this hole

Out from this hole...
Track Name: Amend
I feel the fever
I feel the grit
You are the crave
I am the vex

You can push me hard
I can't collapse
This abyss is only longing for you

I see the flaws
I see the cracks
You are the drought
I am the plague

You can push me hard
I can't go back
This abyss is only longing for you

For you...

There's something wrong with your smile
Somehow disconnected from love
Will you amend this ache
Pretending to be a deceitful saviour

Forget to forgive
Forgive to forget

Unblock the visions from these scars
Rip my skin and shut my eyes
I taste the venom within desire
Leaking trust from this sore.

Razorblades dress me up
Cut it out and let it loose
Vultures sing and circle around
I am a decaying corpse... I am a decaying corpse
Lost in a shallow grave forever

Track Name: Occlusion
The abrasion of tiresome years
Crusts and wounds from erroneous bliss
A passageway that leads to no achievement
Ignominy is near the reach of hands
As the solemn wall of overcome
But I’m free in limitless ways...

I found my path.

I’m one with me, together with myself
And move forth this path I craft
I'm one with me, In my deep innermost
Remorse don't belong in my ways.

No dreams come true on expectations
Prevent assembly... eulogies for some acts
Avoid making threnodies for some bonds
Forget about the need and seek yourself.

Seek yourself.

I don't entice with new words or faces
I'm acquainted with the fact that bridges will fall
But then I clear the obstructions from my path
That’s the only pursue I liberate.

I found my path.

I found the path I liberate.

Soaring upward on yourself
Without any severed wings
Without scarcity of truth
Following the wish your heart yell.
Track Name: Lessening
Images slow down
And collapse is severe
Memories flow from zero
From childhood to current days

Like one million flowers
Blooming in seconds
Like one million limbs
Turning in shambles

Words tarnish my moments
Rational overdrives of flashbacks
Closure constrains your grief
It's time to be disappointed

A delicate spiteful idea
Sparks from your mouth
I ignite your mirrored face
And as the fire settle down
I cover myself in ashes

It's not about the choices you make
And there's one heart less to know
This is about the rope you cut
And there's one hand less to grab

This concerns the path you take
This concerns the sight you acquire
The never-ending process
The fragmentation source

My eyes are congested
Blocked by your dearth
Your plans born abortive
And time raise denial
Still and calculated
Premeditated the collision
Feed upon despair
Fall into misplacement

Diverge the matter
Converge the soul
Track Name: Absence
- instrumental -
Track Name: Cloak
You disappeared long time ago
In a materialized self-center line
With stains engraved in skin
The irreversible flesh dirt
A reminder of past storms
Downward remembrances
Serpents coil in my neck
My frenzied behaviour
The nervous trembling eyes
Obscured by numerous skies

Tempests from the hearts
Livid trashed torso
Tired of molestation
Anxious for peacefulness

Untied spite resides within
A protracted veil
Into the feverous hearts
Inside innards of nobility

Surrounded by confinement
... Freedom cloaks

A subliminal stare of discomfort
A room full of shades
Beheaded sculptures
Deranged mangled corpse
Reflecting in the black
In slow motion chaos

The day you try to feel
Is the day all knifes fall
Forseeing your collapse
Surviving the rain
That comes across those days
Its time to value tomorrow
Time to value life
Track Name: Debris
Wide eyes absorb the world
Stare at the fracture
Avoid harassment of everyday contempt
Avoid beliefs fault and transgress

Internal generated chimeras
Force-fed information
About the end of times
About birth of life
I only sustain the truth I know
And feel with my bare hands

These are days
That my blood boils in anxiety
Sometimes it seems
Faces vanish before my eyes
Immerse from lost
From the waste
From debris... from Debris

Lead the inner will to nowhere
Build opinions upon condemn
Witness the intents of silhouettes
Sardonic, disguised malice
Erroneous focus... destroy integrity
Weak minds disapprove defense
Reaching beyond, erase my purpose

The intensity of the will
A storm of shattered glass
Eyes will blind
Hands will clench
Faces expose true polluted smiles
Track Name: Thrall
There is no possibility in revolt
As I walk through the hailstorms
Anxious traps inside of me
Left me defenseless
Lost in a stalemate
I was subservient and silent
But I do not owe you obedience

Disbelieving eyes
Between survival and bliss
Inner cells caged in my breath,
You've become the thorns in my lungs

Your truth is diluted,
Your product is hurt.
I disgust your empires,
I divide your desires.

I'm no longer the enthrallment

A desolated gap opens wide for you,
And the ways I once revoke are now precious

Pressure force to subsist,
Demands fill your vacant life,
You desecrate the carcass
That once crawled to torture me
Elation corrodes the chains
Putting misery to an end

Free me from mental slavery

Immerging from the past erasure
Killing the fear of rejection
Supporting a new craving
Forging the new lane.
Track Name: Sovereignty
Realize, seize what was made before the time we born
The slay of all entire beliefs to build a brand new scorn
There is basis, roots to understand the prospect, the lore
But comprehension is lost behind this unexpressed door

Every mind is invaded by soiled principles and virus
In the end, the line of thoughts stirs within this shroud

The paramount of intuition
Bliss and no contempt
Grasp the reality of facts
Conviction in the animal impulse
The origin of the character and acts

Primal instincts and magnetisms
Prevailing among the frail
The forced life redeemer
The imperative element
Assemble utopia for today
And dystopia for tomorrow

The vital cause is to survive
To endure the extreme conditions
To avoid neglects and form existence
Contemplate the magnitude of your nature
Prominent upon this false magnificence

Fracture all bones

"This nation was founded by many men of many nations and backgrounds.
It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened."
— by J.F. Kennedy

Rudimentary ideals
Evade dire signs
Think, feel and split
The domain of inquiry
Find light in this void
Restore your balance
Sometimes the brightest glow
Comes from the darkest place