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Darknight KNEEL have produced another metal extravaganza which is even better than there last album. The riffs just fly right out of your speakers and smack you right in your face. Mau is an extraordinary instrumentalist,the dude is a metaltastic genius,the production is great and the vocals are awesome. Favorite track: WATCHFUL.
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QUALM 04:44
What’s reserved for us? A lead of uncertainty What’s secure for us? An unseen cage of hypocrisy Shatter your body trying to reach the top of this mountain In the end the trophy is a view over your own self-defeat the infinite pestilent cycle of doubt Blindfolded by toxic amenities We deceive ourselves, deceiving all principles Corrupted by false hopes Ensnared by despair Murky seeds grow in our minds Voices screaming inside Sometimes we’re strained by parasites With no prospect of future And no prospect of life Stand tall and overcome the suffer Learn from the pain To sever the chains What can we do? Slay the beast of anxiety What can we get? A world of misery Stick together with yourself Survive the grip of this winter Stick together with your mind Grab tight to your resistance
AWRY 03:37
I now understand the meaning of this life Step out of the rain, to ease the pain Contemplating a transformation, A turn away from false adulation Once an awry voice guided me With rapture and erroneous words A heavy burden was inflicted And reality burned my inside, Deceit corroded my heart I prevail… I endure Cruel hand… Cruel soul No one watched over No one cared about Alone I felt, alone I rose I try to forget what I’lll never forgive A sad scenario of abuse Dark intents came to surface Today I speak honestly About a feeling few will understand And you don’t understand… Few will understand
Surrounded by wolves Body soaked in blood Sense the vanish Your own darkness is ruthless A door never to be opened Carried and dragged down in the deep Into an everlasting loss Igniting an old fear An uncontrolled flame That unveils your weakness A fatal error that unveils your wounds Under the observant eye Living a life of whispers Compressed chest… feel the pressure There’s something aching inside Something you can’t expel In times of unwind we punish ourselves Hell isn’t yet forgotten You bleed alone You fall alone
DYS 04:04
I turn away once again Exhausted of parasitic entities The principle of control Minds that kill your peace Lack of care and concern There is no room for respite Prophets of the disavowal Keepers of dishonour Harvesters of denial Vultures of a dying hope Be responsible for all your acts When you seek a chasm, the chasm will seek you There’s always a consequence Intrinsical to all human condition Foretellers of dys People that live caged in misery Oppression support their lives Oppression support their goals They can’t stand integrity They feed on ignominy A cyclic blind leading the blind Protect yourself from this dirt The real evil inhabit the weak
Something was lurking inside A perpetrator of impairment A survival trigger A fight-or-flight response No cause for self-harm No cause for tribulation No cause for wounds No cause for inner-predation Try to keep it together Don’t let fear torn you apart Try to kept it together Free the mind Unearth deliverance Accept this lesson in distress Realize the causes and strike Try to keep it together! Together! Inner power will absorb torment Bury the axe; let your memories go away There’s a past with no present or future Let them be buried within Let them be locked in captivity
Scale this mountain Clear your mind Attain the conquest Be the source that lighten the murk I look forward to uncover the answers An invitation of regret That led me into agony Scale this stairway Clear your spirit I look forward to uncover the answers No balance in between senses Try to focus the mind Under chaotic conditions Step through this inner path I am dormant in the black Blinded by the past Unsettled doubt of the future Blinded by concern Fear of being left to rot Defenceless, powerless mind overfed Frantically screaming inside Nightmares succumb reality There’s no turning back Grasp to the meaning Never lose your nature Never lose your heart
I collect the spoils, Like fragments of gold, To ease my reality Watched by this unconscious menace A ferocious shadow that scans my life Surrounded by hurt, waiting within black hours A continuous misery that always grasp The ceaseless fever that always triumph A parallel reality so hard to distinguish Somehow undeciphered, somehow disconnected There's no return from the path of desolation Severed mind Loss of soul Triumph and disaster Blind to no avail Inner mutiny devours and your self-mirror shatters Cascades of hidden traumas Omnidirectional negativity Severed mind Loss of soul Triumph and disaster Blind to no avail Awareness alters, equilibrium loss Disguised solitude in a veil of bliss The damage only reflects inside Defense mechanisms are sharp as blades Drowning in an endless sea of sores Severed tongue to mute the pain Powerless to fight the nature of events WATCHFUL…
Obedience suffocates us, We re-evaluate all values, Like grains of dust We are integuments of filth Gazing a dead sky Struggling to survive We are slaves to the unknown A complex anomaly within time The coldness of the absolute Brings cruel ways to balance A somber inception kills reason Worthless souls scream Uncontrolled delusions of grandeur Hidden devices of extinction Unleash voracity The coldness of the absolute Brings cruel ways to balance No possessions, just illusions Born to serve the higher cause Paralysis in our minds Foolish flesh without soul
You’ll never exist, you’ll never subsist Fear was aligned to all the screams that burst from the inside Sanity drained silently You can’t fill up the cracks You just fell inverted They meant to erase Abolished from your principles Undeciphered faces Visions... blind and blurred Stagnant and spitefully Unbound from the unbearable The echoes of despondency Starving for life, searching equality Ferocious shadows everywhere Eroded from bliss Abolished from your principles Undeciphered faces Visions... blind and blurred Stagnant and spitefully Unbound from the unbearable Appeal to pain, invoke cure Clean yourself from this deranged vibration
ACUITY 03:19
Mind and body once chastised Flourish and absorb morale Gratitude is no obsession Permit your contentment Interrupt the program to oblige Interrupt all noxious thoughts Acuity Self-disapproval consumes like vermin Unrestricted to commence a new course You just want to recover your principles You just want to recover your dominion Save yourself regardless of your choices Supremacy of mind over flesh Impaired spirits attracted to your light A solid soul tames the shadow Breath of truth


We’re living in times that inconsequence lead us to appalling results and, eventually, to alienation (from ourselves; from one another). Like a careless premonition, Ailment is that meaningless ache that in a later stage of life can result in awful consequences.
The accumulation of small problems in our lives can leads us, sooner or later, to situations that can get out of our control. I believe that the key to self-control and life balance is in the daily management of the subconscious mind, although it’s easier said than done.


released October 16, 2020

Drums, Guitars and Bass by Mau
Vocals and lyrics by Filipe Correia
Special vocal guest appearance on "Watchful" by Miguel Inglês (Equaleft)

All music produced, mixed and mastered by Mau @ Sinwav Audio
Design by Mau





all rights reserved



KNEEL Portalegre District, Portugal

KNEEL is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Pedro Mau, former member of Wells Valley.
Containing elements of thrash, technical death, math metal and hardcore, KNEEL's genre-defying compositions can be characterized by the use of dynamic guitar riffs, dissonant chords, aggressive paces, harsh vocals, loud and challenging song structures with no formulas, no lame choruses or catchy tunes. ... more

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